Saudi Arabia Hospitality Investment Conference

14-16 April 2020 | Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai, U.A.E

Speaker profile

Mary Pratt
The Caviar Spoon

Mary Pratt (known as Pra) is a founder and visionary; you could call her the orchestra conductor. The Caviar Spoon Brand Collaboration Platform is Pra’s brainchild, born out of the frustration of seeing brands overspending unnecessarily on marketing, social media and PR and missing out on collaborative opportunities.

Pra’s career has centred around connection for the past 20 years - first by matching talent to organisations and now by matching brand to brand. This understanding and passion for connecting the right people has helped her to create exceptional successes for businesses.

In her 20s, Pra grew two greenfield recruitment companies from the ground up, winning an accolade of awards. She went on to work for global bluechip organisations, but her heart has always beat harder and faster with entrepreneurial start-ups. She has a true appreciation for how hard it is to grow a brand from scratch and has an abundance of wisdom to share on succeeding as a start-up business and transforming failures into future success.

Her ability to hook audiences with authentic stories and unique approaches has earned her guest spots on stage, paper and screen, including Word Travel Market, Arabian Travel Market, LinkedIn Middle East, Global Travel Forum and national press, including The Telegraph. She also gained entrance into the prestigious Cranfield Business School, where she completed the Business Growth Programme and was noted as “the one to watch”.

In her role as founder of The Caviar Spoon, Pra is on a mission to build a community of visionary marketers and innovators to lead the way for the new world of collaborative marketing. She is determined to reignite creative thinking and abolish unnecessary overspend to create unlimited success for the brands and individuals on the platform.

Shocked by how little content and training there is around collaborative marketing, Pra is fully invested in providing a complete 360 education on the subject. Helping others is in her DNA, so she wants to support businesses of all sizes in creating successful brand partnerships to lead business growth.

She understands that the future for brands lies in coming together and that every marketer, whether part of a marketing team or a business owner, must understand the methodology of successful brand collaborations.