Saudi Arabia Hospitality Investment Conference

14-16 April 2020 | Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai, U.A.E

Speaker profile

Khaled Al Amoudi
Jabal Omar Development Company

Khalid is a passionate and empathetic leader with a penchant for transforming firms, has excellent communication skills and a long track record for successful management, has extensive knowledge of real estate industry, regulatory issues, financial restructuring, commercialization and portfolio management. Currently, CEO of JODC and previously worked as General Supervisor and Deputy Chairman of the Board of REDF Saudi Arabia. He is a seasoned senior executive with a proven track record in leadership and 360 transformation spanning 20+ years in the financial and real estate industry.

Khalid can overcome complex business challenges whilst making strategic and critical decisions in time through his expertise and business acumen, he is man of strong work-ethic and irreproachable integrity. A proponent of empowering Saudi Nationals and embedding accountability. He is characterized as a strategist, visionary and a great tactician. Has a consistent record in delivering results in growth, financial management, operational excellence and creating a platform

for stakeholders to participate in the growth.

Khalid is a gifted individual with vision, determination and skills that are mandated for building growth strategies and tactics for improving market share, acquisition and at the same time helping the community. He is real motivator and leads the team of cross-functional professionals with his empathetic touch that spurs the teams to exert additional effort in fulfilling the objectives and initiatives.

Khalid is currently on board for various government and quasi-government entities.